Guidelines for the CAIR Best Presentation Award

(Originally approved by the Executive Board on June 22, 2009)
(Updated on September 20, 2019)

1. Purpose of the award

  • The purpose of the CAIR Best Presentation award is to recognize the most outstanding example of a significant contribution to the practice and understanding of institutional research.
  • In addition, the award serves to promote participation at the annual CAIR Conference and to support the presence of CAIR at the annual AIR Forum.

2. Components of the award

  • The award recipient(s) will receive special recognition at the following CAIR conference.
  • The winning presentation will be featured prominently on the CAIR website.
  • If the award recipient attends the following year’s AIR Forum, the presentation will automatically be included on the AIR Forum’s program as the CAIR Best Presentation and CAIR will reimburse the recipient up to $2,000 of the actual cost of attendance ($1,000 from CAIR and $1,000 matching funds from AIR to CAIR).
  • If two or more award recipients attend the AIR Forum, the reimbursement will be apportioned evenly between/among them.

3. Basis and methods for selection

  • The Best Presentation is selected by the Best Presentation Award Committee appointed by the Executive Board as described below.
  • Presentations are judged on the quality of the oral delivery, the written materials, and session evaluations.
  • Members of the Award Committee may also solicit and incorporate the assessments of the respective session facilitators and members of the Executive Board.
  •  The Award Committee is encouraged to identify the Best Presentation each year, but has the discretion to not award the Best Presentation if it finds no clearly outstanding presentation.
  • Although the award recipient is encouraged to present at the following AIR Forum, expected attendance at the AIR Forum is not a criterion for selecting the Best Presentation.

4. Eligibility

  • To encourage broad participation, all presentations at the annual CAIR conference will be automatically entered into the Best Presentation Award competition unless the presenter(s) specifically request to be excluded.
  • Vendor sessions and keynote presentations are not eligible.

5. Best Presentation Award Committee

  • No later than the January meeting following the conference, the Executive Committee shall appoint the Best Presentation Award Committee of CAIR members.
  • The committee chair(s) of the Best Presentation Award committee shall be a Board Director(s) except as noted below.
  • In order to avoid a conflict of interest, eligible presenters and their directly reporting employees and direct supervisors may not participate in the Award Committee.