Presentation Resources

When developing your presentation, think about these questions: “Why is this important?” “What question does this answer?” “What can others do with this information?” It is important to focus on presenting information (or a tool) that participants in your audience can take home, and use at their campus. The presentation resources listed below may help you create an inspiring and well received presentation.

Useful References (Books/Articles):

“AIR Best Visual Presentation – Observations from the Award Committee” by Trudy Bers with Broyles, Carroll, Daly, Cheskis-Gold, Dey, Quirk, Serban, Seybert, and Volkwein
An IR Application from the Association for Institutional Reseach. A very useful article containing presentation tips, and do’s and don’t’s.

“The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint” by Edward R. Tufte
In this essay, Professor Tufte discusses why PowerPoint is “a competent slide manager and projector for low-resolution materials. And that’s about it.” Do read this booklet and enjoy the “Gettysburg PowerPoint Presentation.”

“Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug
Although this book’s prmary topic is Web usability, it contains many useful lessons for developing presentations. The last few chapters discuss usability test, and the lesson here of presentations is to practice presenting your presentation multiple times with a multiple number of people well before your actual presentation.

“Really Bad PowerPoint (and how to avoid it)” by
Strong presentation skills and the ability to engage and connect can truly set you a part from the crowd. This Website offers free tips and resources, including Organization & preparation tips, delivery tips, and slide tips.

“Steve Jobs: What We Can Learn From His Success” by Moumita Basu
Known for delivering awe-inspiring and captivating presentations, Jobs always practiced his presentations down to the last detail. From building on a central theme to demonstrating enthusiasm, here’s how you can present like Jobs.

“Presentation Tips” by Seth Godin
If you read nothing else in this list of books and articles, read this 10 page article. Excellent tips on what to avoid, and on how to do it right. For example, Godin gives you 5 rules to create amazing Powerpoint presentations.

“Why Most PowerPoint Presentations Suck: And how you can make them better” by Rick Altman
Excellent Book on how to do it “right.” Comprehensive lessons on choosing backgrounds, using animation, the appropriate use of bullets, and selecting and using images. Every IR professional should have a copy of Rick’s book.

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