CAIR Listserv

CAIR listserv is the CAIR electronic discussion list that provides a means for listserv members to communicate with their colleagues as well as receive information from the Association. Once you subscribe you can post requests for information to the list.

If you have any problems with your subscription to the listserv, please contact

To subscribe to CAIR listserv:

  • Address an email to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.CCCNEXT.NET from the email address to be subscribed.
  • Note: Leave the Subject of the email blank. In the Body of the email, write SUBSCRIBE CAIR.

You will receive an email confirmation which you must respond to before you are added from the CAIR listserv.

To unsubscribe to CAIR listserv:

You will receive an email confirmation which you must respond to before you are removed from the CAIR listserv.

To post a message to CAIR listserv:

  • Once you have subscribed to CAIR listserv, you can send a message to the CAIRNet list members by emailing CAIR@LISTSERV.CCCNEXT.NET

To obtain other useful commands from CAIR listserv:

  • You need to send an email to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.CCCNEXT.NET. Leave the subject line blank and in the body of the email enter the word Help. This will yield a response email that includes common commands.

Subscription change:

  • Please unsubscribe your current listserv account and re-subscribe with new name and email address.

includes common commands.


  • If you aren’t receiving messages from the listserv, it may be that your local domain is blocking listserv messages as spam/junk. Spam detection heuristics used by higher education are often very sensitive to messaging sent to large distribution lists and automatically assume that the message is unwanted. You may have to request that your network personnel ensure that messages from the domain are ‘white listed’ for distribution within your domain.
  • You may similarly find success in receiving the listserv’s messages by adding the domain as an ‘approved sender’ in your local email client (if possible) as well as ensuring that is listed as an approved contact in your contact list.