Past CAIR Conferences

42nd Annual Conference – Plotting the Course: Showing the Way to Institutional Success
November 8-10, 2017 – Hilton Concord Hotel, Concord CA
Conference Chair – Juan Ramirez, Director, Institutional Research & Effectiveness, Western University of Health Sciences
Keynote Speakers – Timothy Renick, Richard Pattenaude, Mike Tamada
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41st Annual Conference – Institutional Research Behind the Scenes
November 16-18, 2016 – Biltmore Millennium Hotel, Los Angeles
Conference Chair – Kristina Powers, Associate Vice President, Institutional Research Services, Bridgepoint Education
Keynote Speakers – Amelia Parnell, Gary Goodman, Jeanette Baez, Pamela Brown, KC Greaney, Angel Sanchez
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40th Annual Conference – The Past, Present, and Future of IR
November 4-6, 2015 – Holiday Inn Golden Gateway, San Francisco
Conference Chair – Jeanette Baez, Institutional Research Officer, Claremont Graduate University
Keynote Speakers – James Fredericks Volkwein, Eden Dahlstrom, Robert Daly, Paula S. Krist, Ed Sullivan, Terrence Willett
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39th Annual Conference – The IR Toolbox: Research Methods in Action
November 19-21, 2014 – The Omni Hotel & Resorts, San Diego
Conference Chair – Bryce Mason, Assistant Vice Chancellor, University of California Riverside
Keynote Speakers – Cliff Adelman, Gery W. Ryan, Claude Messan Setodji, Beverly Weidmer Ocampo, and J. William Murdock.
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38th Annual Conference – Increasing Accountability and Transparency in Higher Education
November 20-22, 2013 – Napa Valley Marriott Hotel and Spa
Conference Chair – Alice van Ommeren, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office
Keynote Speakers – Elise Miller, Richard Winn, Barbara Beno Hans Johnson, Patrick Perry, Phil Garcia, Chris Furgiuele, and Clay Gregory.
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37th Annual Conference – With California funding for higher education in sharp decline, where does IR fit in?
November 7-9, 2012 – Double Tree Hotel Anaheim/Orange County
Conference Chair – Christopher Cullander, University of California, San Francisco
Keynote Speakers – Carlos E. Cortés, Barbara Beno, Jill Ferguson, Randy Swing, K-20 Data Warehouse Panel, Charles Kennedy.
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36th Annual Conference – Terroir: Assessing the Landscape of Higher Education in California
November 9-11, 2011 – Double Tree Hotel Sonoma Wine Country , Sonoma
Conference Chair – Christopher Cullander, University of California, San Francisco
Keynote Speakers – Christina (Tina) Leimer, Teri Cannon, Jill Ferguson, Robert Pacheco, Paul Gaston, Michal Kurlaender, and Tondi Bolkan.
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35th Annual Conference – What Counts: Return to our Census
November 17-19, 2010 – Doubletree Hotel San Diego Mission Valley , San Diego
Conference Chair – Willard Hom, California Community Colleges, System Office
Keynote Speakers – Jerry Buckley and William Piland, Teri Cannon, Robert Linquanti, John R. Weeks
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34th Annual Conference – Movers, Shakers, and Idea Makers: Building Connections
November 18-20, 2009 – Doubletree Hotel, Sacramento
Conference Chair – Sutee Sujitparapitaya, San José State University
Keynote Speakers – Steve Boilard, Gary K. Hart, Anthony Portantino, Jack Scott
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33rd Annual Conference – Making Good Decisions in Challenging Times
November 12-14, 2008 – Hilton Pasadena Hotel, Pasadena
Conference Chair – Sam Agronow, University of California, Office of the President
Keynote Speakers – Lucie Lapovsky, Larry Hershman, Harry Hellenbrand, Teri Cannon
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32nd Annual Conference – Assessment and Accountability: What Goes Around, Comes Around
November 14-16, 2007 – Monterey Beach Resort, Monterey
Conference Chair – Fran Horvath, Naval Postgraduate School
Keynote Speakers – David Schulenburger, Catharine Beyer, Ralph Wolff
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31st Annual Conference – Anticipating Change: Institutional Research Looks Ahead
November 1-3, 2006 – Hilton Pasadena Hotel, Pasadena
Conference Chair – Cel Johnson, University of San Diego
Keynote Speakers – Jack Schuster, Cliff Adelman, Ralph Wolff, Paula Mishima, Dan Walters
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30th Annual Conference – Equity in Higher Education
November 16-18, 2005 – Cathedral Hill Hotel, San Francisco
Conference Chair: Craig Hayward, Mendocino College
Keynote Speakers – Rubén Lizardo, Deborah Reed, John Douglass, Claudia Lavenant
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29th Annual Conference – Measuring Effectiveness
November 17-19, 2004 – Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Anaheim
Conference Chair: Brandt Kehoe, CSU Fresno
Keynote Speakers – J. Frederick Volkwein, Elizabeth Griego, Patricia Anderson, Jerrold Prichard, Deborah Blue, Nancy Shulock, John C. Hayek, Jennifer Franklin
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28th Annual Conference – Institutional Research Rootstock and Varietals
November 12 – 14, 2003 – DoubleTree Sonoma Wine Country, Rohnert Park
Conference Chair – Steve Chatman, UC Davis
Keynote Speakers – Martha West and Michael Cohen, Peter Schrag, Ralph Wolff, Mark Wilson, Richard Stivers, Richard Shavelson
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27th Annual Conference – Prospering in Volatile Times
November 13-15, 2002 – Hilton Pasadena Hotel, Pasadena
Conference Chair – Jing Luan, Cabrillo College
Keynote Speakers – Patrick Perry, Victor M. H. Borden, Carlos E. Cortés
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26th Annual Conference – What Lies Beyond…
November 14-16,2001 – Holiday Inn Capital Plaza, Sacramento
Conference Chair – Dolores Vura, CSU Fullerton
Keynote Speakers – Ralph Wolff, Dorothy M. Knoell, Paul Duguid, Fran Horvath, Brad Phillips
WHY CAIR? – Sidney Suslow’s Opening Address for First Meeting of CAIR, 1971
Conference Program

25th Annual Conference – CAIR Year Zero: Starting All Over Again
November 1-3, 2000 – Hilton Pasadena Hotel, Pasadena
Conference Chair – Robert Cox, UCLA
Keynote Speakers – William Tierney, Erick Splaver, Ralph Wolff, William Massy
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24th Annual Conference – Institutional Researchers Face the Challenges of the Millenium
November 17-19, 1999 – Holiday Inn Capital Plaza, Sacramento
Conference Chair – Jorge Sanchez, Coast Community College District
Keynote Speakers – Buzz Breedlove, et al., Christopher Cabaldon, Warren Fox
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23rd Annual Conference – Meeting the Challenges of Change in California Higher Education
November 11-13, 1998 – Doubletree Hotel Mission Valley, San Diego
Conference Chair – Fran Horvath, California State University, Northridge
Local Arrangements Chair – Patti Kirkemo, Point Loma Nazarene College
Keynote Speakers – William Pickens, Chris McCarthy, Roger Benjamin

22nd Annual Conference – The California Institutional Research CAIR-A-VAN: Where Is It Headed?
November 19-21, 1997 – Cathredal Hill Hotel, San Francisco
Conference Chair – Dennis Hengstler, University of California, Santa Barbara
Local Arrangements Chair – Debbie Ellis, University of California, Berkeley
Keynote Speakers – Marvin Peterson, Kevin Starr, David Wolf/Judy Wexler, Dennis Hengstler, et al.
Best Paper: “Predicting Academic Success of College Students: Does First-Generation Status Matter?”

21st Annual Conference – Partnerships for the Future
November 6-8, 1996 – Westin, South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa
Conference Chair – Scot Spicer, Glendale College
Local Arrangements Chair – Robert Daly, UC Irvine
Keynote Speakers – Patrick Callan, Carlos Cortés, Sarah Lubman, et al.

20th Annual Conference – Trends and Changes in Higher Education: Institutional Researchers’ Evolving Roles
1995 – Sacramento
Keynote Speakers – Robert Zemsky, Trudy Bers, et al., Robert Threlkeld, Peter Smith

19th Annual Conference – Calls for Accountability: A Professional Response in a Political Environment
1994 – San Diego
Keynote Speakers – David Breneman, Patrick Callan, Elizabeth Griego, et al., Ray Bachetti

18th Annual Conference – Reclaiming the Dream: The Future of Higher Education in California
1993 – San José
Keynote Speakers – Joni Finney, Christopher Cabaldon, Barbara Beno, William Storey, Kirk Knutsen

17th Annual Conference – Institutional Research: Bridge Over Troubled Waters
1992 – Ontario
Keynote Speakers – Elizabeth Hill, Dennis Galligani, et al.

16th Annual Conference – Institutional Research: Raisin’ Issues
1991 – Fresno
Keynote Speakers – Peter Mehas, Dennis Nef

15th Annual Conference – Future Issues in California Higher Education
1990 – Sacramento
Keynote Speakers – Lynn Reaser, Mark Lipsey

14th Annual Conference – Measures of Success: Student and Institutional Outcomes
1989 – San Diego
Keynote Speakers – William Moore, Patrick Callan

13th Annual Conference – Planning for the 21st Century
1988 – San Francisco
Keynote Speakers – Sandy Smith, Kenneth Green

12th Annual Conference – Why We CAIR
1987 – Los Angeles
Keynote Speakers – Laura Saunders, William Pickens, Lee Kerschner

11th Annual Conference – Resources in the Anxious Eighties
1981 – San Francisco
Keynote Speakers – Patrick Callan, et al., Martin Trow, Walter Holmann, Samuel Kipp, et al., Robert Bess, et al.

10th Annual Conference – Planning for the Anxious Eighties
1980 – San Francisco
Keynote Speakers – William Pickens, Edward Harmon, George Proctor, et al., Charles Hall

9th Annual Conference – Can We Manage Without Research?
1979 – Burlingame
Keynote Speakers – Thomas Jenkins, Patrick Callan, Kenneth Doane

8th Annual Conference – Accommodating Student and Faculty Aspirations in a Changing Society
1978 – San Francisco
Keynote Speakers – Marjorie Wagner, Raoul Teilhet, Clarence Bagley, et al., Herbert Sussman, Reynold Colvin

7th Annual Conference – Management and Planning “Illusions and Reality”
1977 – San Diego
Keynote Speakers – Lewis Mayhew, Stephen Horn, Clarence Bagley, et al., Roy Mikalson, Owen Knorr, et al., Georgia Mellon, et al.

6th Annual Conference – State Commissions on Postsecondary Education and the Four (Five?) Segments
1976 – San Francisco
Keynote Speakers – Donald McNeil, T.K. Olson, John Vasconcellos, Richard Peterson, et al., Stanley McCaffrey, Dorothy M. Knoell, et al.

5th Annual Conference – Evaluating Accreditation for Non-Traditional vs. Traditional Programs
1975 – San Francisco
Keynote Speakers – Kay Anderson, Louis Batmale, Jonathan Warren, Terry Lunsford, et al., Charles Neidt

4th Annual Conference – Decreasing Enrollments and Increasing Costs
1974 – Los Angeles
Keynote Speakers – James Wilburn, Lyman Glenny, John Minter, et al.

3rd Annual Conference – Current Trends in Higher Education
1973 – San Francisco
Keynote Speakers – Allan Cartter, J.B. Hefferlin, William McInnes SJ, Warren Martin, Errol Mauchlan, et al.

2nd Annual Conference – Can You Manage It?
1972 – San Diego
Keynote Speakers – Earl Cheit

1st Annual Conference – Why CAIR?
1971 – Burlingame
Keynote Speakers – Sidney Suslow:  Professor Suslow’s First Opening Address to CAIR