CAIR 2019 Conference: Papers and Presentations

Keynote Speakers

Segment Meetings

  • Stoup
  • Figueroa, Marks, Dubrow
  • Moore, Tarnowski
  • Chang
  • Fernald

Conference Sessions

Wednesday, November 6




  • Apitz, Zenteno, Albawaneh
    Data Engineering in an Evolving IR Landscape (Workshop)


Thursday, November 7



  • Castellino
    You’re Gonna Shoot Your Eye Out Kid
  • Martinez, Torres, Cartnal
    I’ve Got 99 Problems; First Generation Ain’t One
  • Lankham
    Simplifying Ad Hoc Queries: A Case Study in Data Warehousing
  • Brown, Bleemer, Van Matre
    Using Text Analysis of “Most Meaningful Experiences” to Inform Policy
  • Burns
    Oklahoma State University Visualizes Data ’til the Cows Come Home
  • Krist, Moore, Luedtke, Powers, Krishnan
    IR 101: Managing an Institutional Research Office
  • Huang, Moon
    The Influence of Undergraduate School Experiences on Post-Baccalaureate Outcomes
  • Rollins
    R for IR: A Package Written Specifically for Institutional Research






  • Martinez
    An Exciting New Way to Track Post-enrollment Outcomes!
  • Schirmer, Lee
    Calibration, Evaluation, and Analysis – Hold my beer
  • Winn
    Nuance vs. Reductionism: Community College Successes in an Age of Bright Lines
  • Nettles, Devos
    New Approach to Predictive Models for Student-centered Support
  • Siegel
    Refining Co-curricular Program Review Process
  • Malinowska
    Humanizing the Individual in Time to Degree and PhD Completion
  • Swarat, Karimi, Murarka
    Visualizing Opportunities for Equity: Unearthing College Experience of Underrepresented Students
  • Weisman
    Beyond Compliance: Turning Your Data into Action

Friday, November 8




  • Barkman, Medina Tagarao, Rodriguez
    Power BI: Tips, Considerations, and Stories
  • Yu
    Creating Virtuous Data Cycles from Faculty Data
  • Prayag, Straub
    Leveraging the Strategic Value of People Analytics
  • Cress
    Postbaccalaureate Graduation Rates: Methods and Issues
  • Penna
    Student Tracker: Are You Taking Full Advantage of the Service?
  • Powers
    Getting Credit for Serving Non-Traditional Students
  • Goel, Deplazes
    Academic Mindset: Are Students and Faculty on the Same Page?
  • Zenteno
    IR 101: SQL for Beginners