CAIR 2016 Conference: Papers and Presentations


Keynote Speakers

  • Gary Goodman – Negotiation Consultant
    Presentation: Practices in Negotiation: How to Seize Your 15 Minutes of  Fortune!
  • Panelist Presentation: Managing Institutional Research Behind the Scenes
    • Jeanette Baez – Institutional Researcher Officer at Claremont Graduate University. Presentation
    • Pamela Brown, Ph.D. – Vice President of Institutional Research and Academic Planning (IRAP), Office of the Provost at University of California Office of the President (UCOP). Presentation
    • KC Greaney, Ph.D. – Director of Institutional Research at Santa Rosa Junior College. Presentation
    • Angel A. Sanchez, Ph.D. –  Associate Vice President for the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) at Fresno State. Presentation

Concurrent and Workshop Sessions


Institutional Research Behind the Scenes – CAIR 2016 Program at a Glance

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Wednesday, November 16
2:45-3:30 Institutional Research 101: What is Institutional Research, Anyway? (Krist) Unlock the Power of Your Data with Campus Labs (Weisman) Creating Dashboards of Direct and Indirect SLOs Measures in R (Boosalis, Myhre & Binod ) Connecting Instructional Assessment, IR Data, and Student Success (Whang Sayson, Toven-Lindsey & Shapiro) Focused Academic Interventions and Analytics using a Business Intelligence tool (Krishnan & Lakhani) Comprehensive Program Review: Connecting Program Costs to Completion Outcomes (Brock & Quinones) Different Layers of Analytics: A Reflection from Practitioners (Zenter &Emerson) Chat with the Keynote Speaker – Amelia Parnell
3:45-4:30 Moving Continuous Improvement from “Behind the Scenes” to “Front and Center” (Baumann) Institutional Research 101: Managing an Institutional Research Office (Krist, Ramirez &Wahl) Using Multilevel Modeling to Evaluate a Fully-Scaled Summer Bridge Program (Taing & Aragon) Using Excel Dashboards to Monitor & Manage Strategy Execution (Hofmann) Machine Learning: State of the Art Analytics in Institutional Research (Apitz & AlBawaneh) Embedding Institutional Research and Data Analytics in Academic Policy Discussions (Danube) SAS in IR: Behind the scenes tips and tricks (Cherland, Flores & Saldana) Creating and Publishing Interactive Dashboards with Excel Power Pivot, Power BI, and SharePoint Online (Nelson)
4:45-5:30 Three Ways the CSU is Using GIS to Inform Decisions (Lavery) Institutional Research 101: Assessment, Accreditation and Roles of IR (Patel, Ramirez, Liu & Siegel) Predictive Analytics: Getting Buy-in from Key Stakeholders and Users (Cantwell) Beyond Re-enrollment: Using Enrollment Projections to Inform the Budget (Castellanos & Burkhauser) Frequent Patterns in California Community College Student Course Sequences (Ingraham) Best Practices for developing and managing a data dictionary (Malhotra & Limbeek)
Thursday, November 17
8:00-8:45  Roundtable Discussions (Crystal Ballroom)
# Title Presenters
First Second
1 Moving data from appendices into action: Reflecting on Program Performance Review Babcock Su
2 Using (or Misusing) the College Scorecard: Lessons Learned Chan Chris
3 Defining and Counting Postdoctoral Scholars Monahan
4 Understanding and Defining Your Military Students Albin
5 Using AIR’s Aspirational Statement for IR at your institution Brown Narvaez
6 Creating Impactful Surveys and Maximizing Their Results Saw
7 Campus Climate and Sexual Assault Surveys: Supporting high stakes projects on campus Brown
8 Institutional Research in the Near and Far Future Cox
9 Building a Data Warehouse Filce Ward
10 Beginning with the End in Mind — Evaluation of Assessment Training Programs Reynolds
11 Leveraging Student Evaluation of Teaching Coyne
9:00-9:45 Multilevel/Longitudinal Models Using Stata  – 9 am to 12 noon (Huber) The Missing Piece of Business Intelligence: Nurturing an Audience (Wang) Public and Personal: Demonstrating the value of a college degree (Peterson & Moore-Trieu) Comprehensive Longitudinal Analysis of Institutional Data on High-Impact Practices (Moon & Karimi) Predicting online course evaluation response rates: Beyond student-level factors (Chavez & Burkhauser) R for Everything: Getting, Cleaning, Analyzing, and Visualizing Data (Ranzolin) Undergraduate Research Participation: (Chang, Danube, McKinney, Armstrong & Oberbeck)
10:15-11:00 Multilevel/Longitudinal Models Using Stata – 9 am to 12 noon (Huber) WASC GRD – Institutional Use Cases (Hernandez, Powers, Wahl, Rogulkin, Stanley & Nelson) Great Viz’s, But Just Give Me the Numbers I Want! (Greaney, Drukala &Fadelli) Promoting Accuracy through Data Quality: The UC Data Validation Framework (Popoola) Transforming Planning: More than meets the I(R) (Colley & Dwight)) Evaluation of Online Student Success: Actionable Research Outcomes (Reed) The Application of Propensity Score Matching in Institutional Research (Ning, Huefner, Frias &Rico) [TED Talk] Rubber meeting the Road: Aspirational Practice in one IR Office (Cherland, Hoadwonic, Saldana & Bautista)
11:15-12:00 Making the move to modernize your reporting processes (Brooks) Building an IR Data Science Team for in-house predictive analytics (Levine, Stronach & He) Effects of a Transition Supporting Institutional Program on Student Success-related Variables (Frias, Ning, Huefner & Rico) Leveraging the power of regression discontinuity designs for program evaluation: an institutional simulation using R (Orona)


2:15-3:00 See the Data and Meet the Team behind the THE US Student Survey (Evans)  Book Club Chat with the Author
Gary S. Goodman (Sorell)
Predicting Institutional Retention and Graduation Rates Using IPEDS and WSCUC GRD Data (Herzog & Stanley) IR 101: The Strategic Planning and Management of Institutional Research (Wahl) Constructing a Peer Institution: A New Peer Methodology (Chatman) Tracking Students’ Progress in Three Impacted Programs (Basinger & Hardy) Program Migration: Visualization for Actionable Intelligence in STEM Retention (Pasternak)
3:30-4:15 A Future for IR: AIR’s Statement of Aspirational Practice (Lewis, Ross, Powers & Rossol-Allison) Change Article, Statement, and National Survey Report Nuventive’s Microsoft PowerBI Solution for Institutional Research (McGinn) How IR and Researchers Can Inform State Policymaking (Osmena, Heinman & Henestroza) Longitudinal Study of the Effectiveness of Traditional and Hybrid Online Instruction (Chatman)  Battle of the conjunctions: Disjunctive vs. compensatory course placement (Willett, Newell & Fagioli) Clearinghouse Metrics and the WSCUC Graduation Rate Dashboard – Focus Group (DeWitt) Multilevel Modeling in Institutional Research (Ning, Huefner, Frias & Rico) Data Visualization and Data Integrity: Meaningful Implication for IR (Moon, Karimi, Furuichi & Murarka)
4:30-5:15 A Practical Guide to the AIR Statement of Aspirational Practice for IR (Lewis, Ross, Powers & Greaney) Change Article, Statement, and National Survey Report Dashboards to Discovery: Using Data Dashboards to Drive Enrollment Planning, Equity Exploration and Program Review (Spear, Kuo & Newell) Unveiling Student Trajectories at a Large Online Institution (Nettles & Devos-Comby) Creating Interactive Reports using Excel Pivot Tables (Aragon)

Presentation, Excel Raw Dataset, Excel Finished

An Integrated, Mixed Method Approach to Calculating Institutional Enrollment Capacity (Belerique, Kiralla &Gallagher) Data Warehouse Quality Testing (Karimi & Moon) Using SPSS Modeler and STATISTICA to Predict Student Success at High-Stakes Examinations (Belokurova & Piazza)
Friday, November 18
9:00-9:45 Who are they? Where do they go? Tracking Community College Transfers (van Ommeren, Fuller & Fisher) SB 1440: Initial Outcomes from CSU Fullerton (Stern & Moon) Course-Level Analytics: Common Themes and New Directions for Institutional Research (Cox) Student Journey Mapping (Klein) The Evolution of an Institutional Research Department (Marks, Stevenson & Talsania) Documenting the true extent of attrition in STEM: The value of IR-Academic Collaboration (Brumley & Thomson)
10:15-11:00 EXCEL-lent CTE Dashboards (Laney & Crystal) Conducting course evaluations using Qualtrics (Baez) Dealing with Multiplicity and Complexity to Sustain Simplicity in Institutional Research Management (Öztürk & Anderson) The A-B-Cs of Survey Research: Administration & Planning, Best Practices, and College Impact (Stolzenberg) Engagement, Academic Performance, and Major:  Statistical and Visual Analysis (Rogulkin)  How to predict which people at commencement actually graduate (Garrett) Data Mining to Identify Grading Practices (Rinthapol & Wahl) Tableau Session
11:15-12:00 Best Practices in Online Survey Design: How to Optimize Data Quality and Respondent Engagement (Harris) Becoming a Leader in Institutional Research (Daly) Using Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to Enhance Retention Efforts with IBM SPSS Solutions (Reuter) A deep dive into a data warehouse (Headstrom & Stemach) Luxury or Requisite: Assessing the value of study abroad and internship programs on student outcomes (Furgiuele & Moore-Trieu) Behind the Screens of Data Reduction (Simpson)